Walk For Winnie
September 29,2018

244%of goal

Walk For Winnie
September 29, 2018

Mattis' Platoon

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Mattis' Platoon
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So there we were on a random January night, thinking we had 10 weeks. Ten weeks to finish the nursery. Ten weeks to pack the hospital bag. Ten weeks to finish the two birthing classes we had left. Ten weeks to figure out washing belly buttons, when to use lotion, what the heck breastfeeding means, enjoy a baby shower coming up, prepare our newborn clothes and diapers. Ten weeks to wonder what sex our surprise baby would be. Ten weeks of knowing she was growing her lungs, her heart, her brain, her fingers, and toes. 

She had other plans and at 1:20 in the morning in mid-January, ten weeks from her due date, Madeline as we know her now decided it was time to try to come join the outside world. With the list I had made conincidentally, that night, when my water broke, we hurriedly packed not knowing what a ten week early baby looked like, whether she could support herself, and worst whether she would live. I burried all negative throughts and ventured through a bed-ridden, no movement, contraction filled seven days before our 4 pound 2 ounce Warrior made her debut. Determined to show her strength she needed very little help in the beginning. But, as we all do sometimes she decided to accept the help of machines, medicine, nurses, respiratory teams, doctors, audiologists, therapists and Mom and Dad. 

She was a fast NICU favorite with her spunk and charm. Almost 7 weeks later, sans feeding tubes, bells, whistles, machines - and only Mom and Dad - we were able to bring her home in March - just shy of her original due date. 

Without Winnie, our sweet baby Madeline (Mattis), May not be here with us as we know her. Our preemie was given so much support and a fighting chance. Help us keep future babes and their parents as happy and healthy as sweet Madeline.

For more than 40 years, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) has been a leader in the fight to save the tiniest of patients.  Walk For Winnie provides all of us in the community the opportunity to join Winnie Palmer Hospital in this fight.

Through Walk For Winnie, we will be able to provide funding for the care and treatment of the sickest of babies. Every day, skilled physicians and nurses at the Alexander Center for Neonatology provide the highest level of life-saving care for critically ill newborns, with one ultimate goal in mind: to help these babies thrive, to help them beat the odds. Please join me in raising funds to support the tiny miracles born in the NICU every single day!  



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