Walk For Winnie
September 29,2018

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Walk For Winnie
September 29, 2018

Ainhoa's Miracle. Tiny but mighty!

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For more than 40 years, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) has been a leader in the fight to save the tiniest of patients.  Walk For Winnie provides all of us in the community the opportunity to join Winnie Palmer Hospital in this fight.

Through Walk For Winnie, we will be able to provide funding for the care and treatment of the sickest of babies. Every day, skilled physicians and nurses at the Alexander Center for Neonatology provide the highest level of life-saving care for critically ill newborns, with one ultimate goal in mind: to help these babies thrive, to help them beat the odds. Please join me in raising funds to support the tiny miracles born in the NICU every single day!  

Our tiny miracle's name is Ainhoa an IUGR (intrauterine growth restriction) baby who was born 27 weeks and 3 days but her weight was 1.1 lbs (504 grams). Her constant battle was to gain weight, our(parents) constant battle was to be strong. She made us strong, she gave us the strength we needed to help her out. A true warrior! a true miracle baby! like tons being born daily at this incredible hospital in which each of these little angels every single minute counts as a won battle!! We can only speak for ourselves but I know a lot of families that have experienced NICU life feel the same way. We are just so thankful that we were at Winnie Palmer Hospital. We are sooo thankful with each of the doctors, each of the nurses that helped our tiny miracle for 3 and a half months, you get to see them at their daily jobs but you know they LOVE our babies.... they LOVE what they do! and that is why we LOVE Winnie Palmer! we LOVE the NICU, nurses and doctors that saved our daughter's life. That is why we ask you to please donate and help us help them.... so many babies, so many families going through really tough times that the least we can do is donate as little as you can or as much as you are willing, but every single penny counts and we owe them every single day they made us feel at home, loved, appreciated, understood, helped, cared for.....


help us help them...! remember.... every single penny counts.... 




Ainhoa's first days of life
Ainhoa's first days of life


6 months old
6 months old

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