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Winnie Palmer hospital became our home for 50 days back in 2015/2016 when our daughter Elizabeth was born 2.5 months too early.  I suddenly became pre-eclamptic and she was delivered via an emergency c-section.  We had no understanding of what the coming days, weeks, and months would bring as she had to learn how to breath and eat on her own.  We were blessed that she was bigger than to be expected at 30 weeks.  She came out much stronger than she should have been, and that was due to the knowledge of the triage nurses and doctors working to give her lungs every chance to be capable of functioning at such an early birth.  Once she was out, her neonatologist, Dr. Orsini, used his knowledge to ensure she grew quickly into a very healthy baby.  While we had so many blessings during this process, so many babies born too soon have so many more challenges and need these doctors and nurses expertise to have a fighting chance to become success stories.  Winnie Palmer Hospital gave us our miracle and we want to make sure they are able to give other families theirs.  This is why we fundraise for Winnie Palmer Hospital.



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