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In honor of Gavin Jacob McGlothin and in memory of Liam David McGlothin, please join me in supporting Winnie Palmer Hospital For Women & Babies by helping me raise $5,000 to support this fabulous organiztion!

Team McGlothin will be participating in the Walk for Winnie again this year on September 28th at Sea World.  

Winnie Palmer is where I delivered Gavin and Liam in 2011 and am just so thankful for the skills and dedication of the doctors and staff at this facility.  For those that may not know, we delivered twins at 29 weeks suffering from a disease called Twin to Twin Transfusion, effecting identical twin pregnancies.  Twin to Twin Transfusion means that there is a disproportionate amount of blood delivered to the twins where one gets too much or the recipient, Gavin, while the other isn’t getting enough or the donor, Liam. Severe TTTS has a 60 – 100% mortality rate.  The result of the Twin to Twin Transfusion and early delivery was that Gavin weighed 3lbs, 2oz and Liam 2lbs, 3oz at birth.  Both were taken directly to the NICU and placed in incubators, with a series of blood transfusions for Liam and saline transfusions for Gavin to try to thin his blood.  Unfortunately, 3 days later, Liam’s heart just could not withstand the trauma and he passed early in the morning.  Over the next 6 weeks, I witnessed the heroics, thoughtful care, and dedication this team of doctors and nurses provided Gavin so that he may have a long, healthy life.  The end of August marks the birth of these two amazing boys and is the perfect time to reflect on how thankful our family is for Winnie Palmer and their equally amazing team.  It is an honor for me to get involved with this program to help raise awareness and hopefully money with your support. 


Thanks to Dr. Alendaner and team, we celebrate Gavin's 8th birthday this year!!


Please consider a donation to help those precious babies that need Dr. Alexander and team for a chance of survival that they might not otherwise have, like Gavin!


Gavin Jacob McGlothin (then)
Gavin Jacob McGlothin (then)


Liam David McGlothin
Liam David McGlothin

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