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Join us on our mission to save tiny babies this year as walk in The Walk for Winnie taking place at SEAWORLD!! We have had such tremendous support from our friends and family over the last 10 years in our journey with Landis... we are so grateful. Lets do it again this year and support the amazing hospital that saved Landis, welcomed Miles into the world and has helped countless families in Central Florida. Come walk and play with us at Seaworld and be a part of the BEST TEAM!!! #OrlandoUnited #OrlandoHealth

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My name is Hilary McFadden and I am the mom of The Mighty Landis and his little brother Miles. I also work for Orlando Health and the reason why I work here is because of the extraordinary care that my son and I received while we were here, I knew after that time that I was supposed to change my whole career path and become a part of this amazing, lifesaving place! So how did I end up here?

I was excited to be pregnant with my first baby. In the beginning everything was good… I was never sick and early visits to the doctor were positive. We found out we were having a boy and we decided to name him Landis. As the weeks went on I was not growing the way I should be and it turns out neither was Landis. I became more and more worried. I was labeled high risk and became a patient of the WPH high risk clinic and began non stress tests daily and weekly sonograms at Winnie Palmer Hospital. After what we thought was going to be a “routine” sonogram to see growth we were told that the baby was not getting enough fluid and we would need to be checked into the hospital immediately. I had 2 months left to be pregnant and thought I was going to be in the hospital for the next two months so that I could be monitored. 2 days later the baby and I were continuing to get more and more sick- I gained 10 LBS in water weight overnight- so I had to have an emergency C-section. Right before my surgery began I heard a voice and it was Dr Alexander telling me that he was there with his team to take care of our son and I knew we were going to be alright. Landis was just over 3 pounds and only 15 inches long. He was on a c-pap machine for the first few days of life and had to be under the bilirubin light as well as being fed through a tube in his mouth. His weight dropped in the first few days which was very frightening as 3 pounds was small enough.

I always say that this was the best worst day of my life. The team at Winnie Palmer led by neonatologist Dr. Gregor Alexander took extraordinary care of me and my son. Dr. Alexander told me it was his honor to care for Landis and it showed. They focused on his healing.

Landis remained in the NICU for the next month and we became close with all of our nurses who cared for Landis with such love.

The team in the NICU helped us bond with Landis by laying him on our chest for Kangaroo time as well as involving us in every moment of his daily care. In spite of the tubes we were able to hold Landis. Most importantly Dr. Alexander and his team gave our family hope that Landis would be ok. Gradually he became stronger and tubes and lights disappeared and finally after what seemed like forever we were told we could go home! I remember thinking that that day would never come! I also was hoping I could take a nurse home with me!

We call Landis- The Mighty Landis as he has been a fighter from the start. He is going into third grade and he’s a happy, healthy, active little boy who teaches his 7 year old little brother, Miles all of his acrobatic tricks. We feel blessed to have had the team that cared for Landis and helped him in his first days of life. The NICU is a very special place and has changed all of my family’s lives for the better. I will always attribute the survival of our son to Dr. Alexander and Winnie Palmer Hospital NICU.



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