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On January 10th 2014 my life was forever changed. My son was born at Halifax Hospital and was perfect at birth. Within minutes it wasn't discovered that his blood vessels did not open to his lungs and he was put on a vent with persistent pluminary hypertension. Later that day he was put on CPAP and that did not help. Winnie Palmer was called to transport my son there as it looked like he needed laughing gas to help. He was transferred on the 11th and on the 12th I was released to go over early in the morning. When we arrived we were rushed to him and we're told the gas did not work and he would need ECMO. Carla,NICU staff, told us that without ECMO our son had a 99% chance of dying without ECMO and a 99% chance of living with it. He was placed on ECMO for 5 days and was admitted for 4 1/2 weeks total. Without the ECMO machine our son would not be here today. We still have daily struggles and lots of therapies ahead but he is here and happy and for the most part he is a healthy baby boy. The NICUs with this life saving machine are few and far between so we are so blessed that he ended up here where they could help him. I learned that day just how quickly life can be taken away and how blessed we are if we have a healthy baby. Please help support the NICU for not only my son but for all the miracle baby's that are treated here.


Landon James
Landon James


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